// Version: 2.0.8; index global $forum_copyright, $forum_version, $webmaster_email, $scripturl, $context, $boardurl; // Locale (strftime, pspell_new) and spelling. (pspell_new, can be left as '' normally.) // For more information see: // - http://www.php.net/function.pspell-new // - http://www.php.net/function.setlocale // Again, SPELLING SHOULD BE '' 99% OF THE TIME!! Please read this! $txt['lang_locale'] = 'en_US'; $txt['lang_dictionary'] = 'en'; $txt['lang_spelling'] = 'american'; // Ensure you remember to use uppercase for character set strings. $txt['lang_character_set'] = 'ISO-8859-1'; // Character set and right to left? $txt['lang_rtl'] = false; // Capitalize day and month names? $txt['lang_capitalize_dates'] = true; $txt['days'] = array('Sunday', 'Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday', 'Saturday'); $txt['days_short'] = array('Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat'); // Months must start with 1 => 'January'. (or translated, of course.) $txt['months'] = array(1 => 'January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'May', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October', 'November', 'December'); $txt['months_titles'] = array(1 => 'January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'May', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October', 'November', 'December'); $txt['months_short'] = array(1 => 'Jan', 'Feb', 'Mar', 'Apr', 'May', 'Jun', 'Jul', 'Aug', 'Sep', 'Oct', 'Nov', 'Dec'); $txt['time_am'] = 'am'; $txt['time_pm'] = 'pm'; $txt['newmessages0'] = 'is new'; $txt['newmessages1'] = 'are new'; $txt['newmessages3'] = 'New'; $txt['newmessages4'] = ','; $txt['admin'] = 'Admin'; $txt['moderate'] = 'Moderate'; $txt['save'] = 'Save'; $txt['modify'] = 'Modify'; $txt['forum_index'] = '%1$s - Index'; $txt['members'] = 'Members'; $txt['board_name'] = 'Board name'; $txt['posts'] = 'Posts'; $txt['member_postcount'] = 'Posts'; $txt['no_subject'] = '(No subject)'; $txt['view_profile'] = 'View Profile'; $txt['guest_title'] = 'Guest'; $txt['author'] = 'Author'; $txt['on'] = 'on'; $txt['remove'] = 'Remove'; $txt['start_new_topic'] = 'Start new topic'; $txt['login'] = 'Login'; // Use numeric entities in the below string. $txt['username'] = 'Username'; $txt['password'] = 'Password'; $txt['username_no_exist'] = 'That username does not exist.'; $txt['no_user_with_email'] = 'There are no usernames associated with that email.'; $txt['board_moderator'] = 'Board Moderator'; $txt['remove_topic'] = 'Remove Topic'; $txt['topics'] = 'Topics'; $txt['modify_msg'] = 'Modify message'; $txt['name'] = 'Name'; $txt['email'] = 'Email'; $txt['subject'] = 'Subject'; $txt['message'] = 'Message'; $txt['redirects'] = 'Redirects'; $txt['quick_modify'] = 'Modify Inline'; $txt['choose_pass'] = 'Choose password'; $txt['verify_pass'] = 'Verify password'; $txt['position'] = 'Position'; $txt['profile_of'] = 'View the profile of'; $txt['total'] = 'Total'; $txt['posts_made'] = 'Posts'; $txt['website'] = 'Website'; $txt['register'] = 'Register'; $txt['warning_status'] = 'Warning Status'; $txt['user_warn_watch'] = 'User is on moderator watch list'; $txt['user_warn_moderate'] = 'User posts join approval queue'; $txt['user_warn_mute'] = 'User is banned from posting'; $txt['warn_watch'] = 'Watched'; $txt['warn_moderate'] = 'Moderated'; $txt['warn_mute'] = 'Muted'; $txt['message_index'] = 'Message Index'; $txt['news'] = 'News'; $txt['home'] = 'Home'; $txt['lock_unlock'] = 'Lock/Unlock Topic'; $txt['post'] = 'Post'; $txt['error_occured'] = 'An Error Has Occurred!'; $txt['at'] = 'at'; $txt['logout'] = 'Logout'; $txt['started_by'] = 'Started by'; $txt['replies'] = 'Replies'; $txt['last_post'] = 'Last post'; $txt['admin_login'] = 'Administration Login'; // Use numeric entities in the below string. $txt['topic'] = 'Topic'; $txt['help'] = 'Help'; $txt['notify'] = 'Notify'; $txt['unnotify'] = 'Unnotify'; $txt['notify_request'] = 'Do you want a notification email if someone replies to this topic?'; // Use numeric entities in the below string. $txt['regards_team'] = 'Regards,' . "\n" . 'The ' . $context['forum_name'] . ' Team.'; $txt['notify_replies'] = 'Notify of replies'; $txt['move_topic'] = 'Move Topic'; $txt['move_to'] = 'Move to'; $txt['pages'] = 'Pages'; $txt['users_active'] = 'Users active in past %1$d minutes'; $txt['personal_messages'] = 'Personal Messages'; $txt['reply_quote'] = 'Reply with quote'; $txt['reply'] = 'Reply'; $txt['reply_noun'] = 'Reply'; $txt['approve'] = 'Approve'; $txt['approve_all'] = 'approve all'; $txt['awaiting_approval'] = 'Awaiting Approval'; $txt['attach_awaiting_approve'] = 'Attachments awaiting approval'; $txt['post_awaiting_approval'] = 'Note: This message is awaiting approval by a moderator.'; $txt['there_are_unapproved_topics'] = 'There are %1$s topics and %2$s posts awaiting approval in this board. Click here to view them all.'; $txt['msg_alert_none'] = 'No messages...'; $txt['msg_alert_you_have'] = 'you have'; $txt['msg_alert_messages'] = 'messages'; $txt['remove_message'] = 'Remove this message'; $txt['online_users'] = 'Users Online'; $txt['personal_message'] = 'Personal Message'; $txt['jump_to'] = 'Jump to'; $txt['go'] = 'go'; $txt['are_sure_remove_topic'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove this topic?'; $txt['yes'] = 'Yes'; $txt['no'] = 'No'; $txt['search_end_results'] = 'End of results'; $txt['search_on'] = 'on'; $txt['search'] = 'Search'; $txt['all'] = 'All'; $txt['back'] = 'Back'; $txt['password_reminder'] = 'Password reminder'; $txt['topic_started'] = 'Topic started by'; $txt['title'] = 'Title'; $txt['post_by'] = 'Post by'; $txt['memberlist_searchable'] = 'Searchable list of all registered members.'; $txt['welcome_member'] = 'Please welcome'; $txt['admin_center'] = 'Administration Center'; $txt['last_edit'] = 'Last Edit'; $txt['notify_deactivate'] = 'Would you like to deactivate notification on this topic?'; $txt['recent_posts'] = 'Recent Posts'; $txt['location'] = 'Location'; $txt['gender'] = 'Gender'; $txt['date_registered'] = 'Date Registered'; $txt['recent_view'] = 'View the most recent posts on the forum.'; $txt['recent_updated'] = 'is the most recently updated topic'; $txt['male'] = 'Male'; $txt['female'] = 'Female'; $txt['error_invalid_characters_username'] = 'Invalid character used in Username.'; $txt['welcome_guest'] = 'Welcome, %1$s. Please login or register.'; $txt['login_or_register'] = 'Please login or register.'; $txt['welcome_guest_activate'] = '
Did you miss your activation email?'; $txt['hello_member'] = 'Hey,'; // Use numeric entities in the below string. $txt['hello_guest'] = 'Welcome,'; $txt['welmsg_hey'] = 'Hey,'; $txt['welmsg_welcome'] = 'Welcome,'; $txt['welmsg_please'] = 'Please'; $txt['select_destination'] = 'Please select a destination'; // Escape any single quotes in here twice.. 'it\'s' -> 'it\\\'s'. $txt['posted_by'] = 'Posted by'; $txt['icon_smiley'] = 'Smiley'; $txt['icon_angry'] = 'Angry'; $txt['icon_cheesy'] = 'Cheesy'; $txt['icon_laugh'] = 'Laugh'; $txt['icon_sad'] = 'Sad'; $txt['icon_wink'] = 'Wink'; $txt['icon_grin'] = 'Grin'; $txt['icon_shocked'] = 'Shocked'; $txt['icon_cool'] = 'Cool'; $txt['icon_huh'] = 'Huh'; $txt['icon_rolleyes'] = 'Roll Eyes'; $txt['icon_tongue'] = 'Tongue'; $txt['icon_embarrassed'] = 'Embarrassed'; $txt['icon_lips'] = 'Lips sealed'; $txt['icon_undecided'] = 'Undecided'; $txt['icon_kiss'] = 'Kiss'; $txt['icon_cry'] = 'Cry'; $txt['moderator'] = 'Moderator'; $txt['moderators'] = 'Moderators'; $txt['mark_board_read'] = 'Mark Topics as Read for this Board'; $txt['views'] = 'Views'; $txt['new'] = 'New'; $txt['view_all_members'] = 'View All Members'; $txt['view'] = 'View'; $txt['viewing_members'] = 'Viewing Members %1$s to %2$s'; $txt['of_total_members'] = 'of %1$s total members'; $txt['forgot_your_password'] = 'Forgot your password?'; $txt['date'] = 'Date'; // Use numeric entities in the below string. $txt['from'] = 'From'; $txt['check_new_messages'] = 'Check for new messages'; $txt['to'] = 'To'; $txt['board_topics'] = 'Topics'; $txt['members_title'] = 'Members'; $txt['members_list'] = 'Members List'; $txt['new_posts'] = 'New Posts'; $txt['old_posts'] = 'No New Posts'; $txt['redirect_board'] = 'Redirect Board'; $txt['sendtopic_send'] = 'Send'; $txt['report_sent'] = 'Your report has been sent successfully.'; $txt['time_offset'] = 'Time Offset'; $txt['or'] = 'or'; $txt['no_matches'] = 'Sorry, no matches were found'; $txt['notification'] = 'Notification'; $txt['your_ban'] = 'Sorry %1$s, you are banned from using this forum!'; $txt['your_ban_expires'] = 'This ban is set to expire %1$s.'; $txt['your_ban_expires_never'] = 'This ban is not set to expire.'; $txt['ban_continue_browse'] = 'You may continue to browse the forum as a guest.'; $txt['mark_as_read'] = 'Mark ALL messages as read'; $txt['hot_topics'] = 'Hot Topic (More than %1$d replies)'; $txt['very_hot_topics'] = 'Very Hot Topic (More than %1$d replies)'; $txt['locked_topic'] = 'Locked Topic'; $txt['normal_topic'] = 'Normal Topic'; $txt['participation_caption'] = 'Topic you have posted in'; $txt['go_caps'] = 'GO'; $txt['print'] = 'Print'; $txt['profile'] = 'Profile'; $txt['topic_summary'] = 'Topic Summary'; $txt['not_applicable'] = 'N/A'; $txt['message_lowercase'] = 'message'; $txt['name_in_use'] = 'This name is already in use by another member.'; $txt['total_members'] = 'Total Members'; $txt['total_posts'] = 'Total Posts'; $txt['total_topics'] = 'Total Topics'; $txt['mins_logged_in'] = 'Minutes to stay logged in'; $txt['preview'] = 'Preview'; $txt['always_logged_in'] = 'Always stay logged in'; $txt['logged'] = 'Logged'; // Use numeric entities in the below string. $txt['ip'] = 'IP'; $txt['www'] = 'WWW'; $txt['by'] = 'by'; $txt['hours'] = 'hours'; $txt['days_word'] = 'days'; $txt['newest_member'] = ', our newest member.'; $txt['search_for'] = 'Search for'; $txt['aim'] = 'AIM'; // In this string, please use +'s for spaces. $txt['aim_default_message'] = 'Hi.+Are+you+there?'; $txt['aim_title'] = 'AOL Instant Messenger'; $txt['icq'] = 'ICQ'; $txt['icq_title'] = 'ICQ Messenger'; $txt['msn'] = 'MSN'; $txt['msn_title'] = 'MSN Messenger'; $txt['yim'] = 'YIM'; $txt['yim_title'] = 'Yahoo Instant Messenger'; $txt['maintain_mode_on'] = 'Remember, this forum is in \'Maintenance Mode\'.'; $txt['read'] = 'Read'; $txt['times'] = 'times'; $txt['forum_stats'] = 'Forum Stats'; $txt['latest_member'] = 'Latest Member'; $txt['total_cats'] = 'Total Categories'; $txt['latest_post'] = 'Latest Post'; $txt['you_have'] = 'You\'ve got'; $txt['click'] = 'Click'; $txt['here'] = 'here'; $txt['to_view'] = 'to view them.'; $txt['total_boards'] = 'Total Boards'; $txt['print_page'] = 'Print Page'; $txt['valid_email'] = 'This must be a valid email address.'; $txt['geek'] = 'I am a geek!!'; $txt['info_center_title'] = '%1$s - Info Center'; $txt['send_topic'] = 'Send this topic'; $txt['sendtopic_title'] = 'Send the topic "%1$s" to a friend.'; $txt['sendtopic_sender_name'] = 'Your name'; $txt['sendtopic_sender_email'] = 'Your email address'; $txt['sendtopic_receiver_name'] = 'Recipient\'s name'; $txt['sendtopic_receiver_email'] = 'Recipient\'s email address'; $txt['sendtopic_comment'] = 'Add a comment'; $txt['allow_user_email'] = 'Allow users to email me'; $txt['check_all'] = 'Check all'; // Use numeric entities in the below string. $txt['database_error'] = 'Database Error'; $txt['try_again'] = 'Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator.'; $txt['file'] = 'File'; $txt['line'] = 'Line'; // Use numeric entities in the below string. $txt['tried_to_repair'] = 'SMF has detected and automatically tried to repair an error in your database. If you continue to have problems, or continue to receive these emails, please contact your host.'; $txt['database_error_versions'] = 'Note: It appears that your database may require an upgrade. Your forum\'s files are currently at version %1$s, while your database is at version %2$s. The above error might possibly go away if you execute the latest version of upgrade.php.'; $txt['template_parse_error'] = 'Template Parse Error!'; $txt['template_parse_error_message'] = 'It seems something has gone sour on the forum with the template system. This problem should only be temporary, so please come back later and try again. If you continue to see this message, please contact the administrator.

You can also try refreshing this page.'; $txt['template_parse_error_details'] = 'There was a problem loading the %1$s template or language file. Please check the syntax and try again - remember, single quotes (\') often have to be escaped with a slash (\\). To see more specific error information from PHP, try accessing the file directly.

You may want to try to refresh this page or use the default theme.'; $txt['today'] = 'Today at '; $txt['yesterday'] = 'Yesterday at '; $txt['new_poll'] = 'New poll'; $txt['poll_question'] = 'Question'; $txt['poll_vote'] = 'Submit Vote'; $txt['poll_total_voters'] = 'Total Members Voted'; $txt['shortcuts'] = 'shortcuts: hit alt+s to submit/post or alt+p to preview'; $txt['shortcuts_firefox'] = 'shortcuts: hit shift+alt+s to submit/post or shift+alt+p to preview'; $txt['poll_results'] = 'View results'; $txt['poll_lock'] = 'Lock Voting'; $txt['poll_unlock'] = 'Unlock Voting'; $txt['poll_edit'] = 'Edit Poll'; $txt['poll'] = 'Poll'; $txt['one_day'] = '1 Day'; $txt['one_week'] = '1 Week'; $txt['one_month'] = '1 Month'; $txt['forever'] = 'Forever'; $txt['quick_login_dec'] = 'Login with username, password and session length'; $txt['one_hour'] = '1 Hour'; $txt['moved'] = 'MOVED'; $txt['moved_why'] = 'Please enter a brief description as to
why this topic is being moved.'; $txt['board'] = 'Board'; $txt['in'] = 'in'; $txt['sticky_topic'] = 'Sticky Topic'; $txt['delete'] = 'Delete'; $txt['your_pms'] = 'Your Personal Messages'; $txt['kilobyte'] = 'kB'; $txt['more_stats'] = '[More Stats]'; // Use numeric entities in the below three strings. $txt['code'] = 'Code'; $txt['code_select'] = '[Select]'; $txt['quote_from'] = 'Quote from'; $txt['quote'] = 'Quote'; $txt['merge_to_topic_id'] = 'ID of target topic'; $txt['split'] = 'Split Topic'; $txt['merge'] = 'Merge Topics'; $txt['subject_new_topic'] = 'Subject For New Topic'; $txt['split_this_post'] = 'Only split this post.'; $txt['split_after_and_this_post'] = 'Split topic after and including this post.'; $txt['select_split_posts'] = 'Select posts to split.'; $txt['new_topic'] = 'New Topic'; $txt['split_successful'] = 'Topic successfully split into two topics.'; $txt['origin_topic'] = 'Origin Topic'; $txt['please_select_split'] = 'Please select which posts you wish to split.'; $txt['merge_successful'] = 'Topics successfully merged.'; $txt['new_merged_topic'] = 'Newly Merged Topic'; $txt['topic_to_merge'] = 'Topic to be merged'; $txt['target_board'] = 'Target board'; $txt['target_topic'] = 'Target topic'; $txt['merge_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to merge'; $txt['with'] = 'with'; $txt['merge_desc'] = 'This function will merge the messages of two topics into one topic. The messages will be sorted according to the time of posting. Therefore the earliest posted message will be the first message of the merged topic.'; $txt['set_sticky'] = 'Set topic sticky'; $txt['set_nonsticky'] = 'Set topic non-sticky'; $txt['set_lock'] = 'Lock topic'; $txt['set_unlock'] = 'Unlock topic'; $txt['search_advanced'] = 'Advanced search'; $txt['security_risk'] = 'MAJOR SECURITY RISK:'; $txt['not_removed'] = 'You have not removed '; $txt['not_removed_extra'] ='%1$s is a backup of %2$s that was not generated by SMF. It can be accessed directly and used to gain unauthorised access to your forum. You should delete it immediately.'; $txt['cache_writable_head'] = 'Performance Warning'; $txt['cache_writable'] = 'The cache directory is not writable - this will adversely affect the performance of your forum.'; $txt['page_created'] = 'Page created in '; $txt['seconds_with'] = ' seconds with '; $txt['queries'] = ' queries.'; $txt['report_to_mod_func'] = 'Use this function to inform the moderators and administrators of an abusive or wrongly posted message.
Please note that your email address will be revealed to the moderators if you use this.'; $txt['online'] = 'Online'; $txt['offline'] = 'Offline'; $txt['pm_online'] = 'Personal Message (Online)'; $txt['pm_offline'] = 'Personal Message (Offline)'; $txt['status'] = 'Status'; $txt['go_up'] = 'Go Up'; $txt['go_down'] = 'Go Down'; $forum_copyright = '%1$s | SMF © 2014, Simple Machines'; $txt['birthdays'] = 'Birthdays:'; $txt['events'] = 'Events:'; $txt['birthdays_upcoming'] = 'Upcoming Birthdays:'; $txt['events_upcoming'] = 'Upcoming Events:'; // Prompt for holidays in the calendar, leave blank to just display the holiday's name. $txt['calendar_prompt'] = ''; $txt['calendar_month'] = 'Month:'; $txt['calendar_year'] = 'Year:'; $txt['calendar_day'] = 'Day:'; $txt['calendar_event_title'] = 'Event Title'; $txt['calendar_event_options'] = 'Event Options'; $txt['calendar_post_in'] = 'Post In:'; $txt['calendar_edit'] = 'Edit Event'; $txt['event_delete_confirm'] = 'Delete this event?'; $txt['event_delete'] = 'Delete Event'; $txt['calendar_post_event'] = 'Post Event'; $txt['calendar'] = 'Calendar'; $txt['calendar_link'] = 'Link to Calendar'; $txt['calendar_upcoming'] = 'Upcoming Calendar'; $txt['calendar_today'] = 'Today\'s Calendar'; $txt['calendar_week'] = 'Week'; $txt['calendar_week_title'] = 'Week %1$d of %2$d'; $txt['calendar_numb_days'] = 'Number of Days:'; $txt['calendar_how_edit'] = 'how do you edit these events?'; $txt['calendar_link_event'] = 'Link Event To Post:'; $txt['calendar_confirm_delete'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this event?'; $txt['calendar_linked_events'] = 'Linked Events'; $txt['calendar_click_all'] = 'click to see all %1$s'; $txt['moveTopic1'] = 'Post a redirection topic'; $txt['moveTopic2'] = 'Change the topic\'s subject'; $txt['moveTopic3'] = 'New subject'; $txt['moveTopic4'] = 'Change every message\'s subject'; $txt['move_topic_unapproved_js'] = 'Warning! This topic has not yet been approved.\\n\\nIt is not recommended that you create a redirection topic unless you intend to approve the post immediately following the move.'; $txt['theme_template_error'] = 'Unable to load the \'%1$s\' template.'; $txt['theme_language_error'] = 'Unable to load the \'%1$s\' language file.'; $txt['parent_boards'] = 'Child Boards'; $txt['smtp_no_connect'] = 'Could not connect to SMTP host'; $txt['smtp_port_ssl'] = 'SMTP port setting incorrect; it should be 465 for SSL servers.'; $txt['smtp_bad_response'] = 'Couldn\'t get mail server response codes'; $txt['smtp_error'] = 'Ran into problems sending Mail. Error: '; $txt['mail_send_unable'] = 'Unable to send mail to the email address \'%1$s\''; $txt['mlist_search'] = 'Search For Members'; $txt['mlist_search_again'] = 'Search again'; $txt['mlist_search_email'] = 'Search by email address'; $txt['mlist_search_messenger'] = 'Search by messenger nickname'; $txt['mlist_search_group'] = 'Search by position'; $txt['mlist_search_name'] = 'Search by name'; $txt['mlist_search_website'] = 'Search by website'; $txt['mlist_search_results'] = 'Search results for'; $txt['mlist_search_by'] = 'Search by %1$s'; $txt['mlist_menu_view'] = 'View the memberlist'; $txt['attach_downloaded'] = 'downloaded'; $txt['attach_viewed'] = 'viewed'; $txt['attach_times'] = 'times'; $txt['settings'] = 'Settings'; $txt['never'] = 'Never'; $txt['more'] = 'more'; $txt['hostname'] = 'Hostname'; $txt['you_are_post_banned'] = 'Sorry %1$s, you are banned from posting and sending personal messages on this forum.'; $txt['ban_reason'] = 'Reason'; $txt['tables_optimized'] = 'Database tables optimized'; $txt['add_poll'] = 'Add poll'; $txt['poll_options6'] = 'You may only select up to %1$s options.'; $txt['poll_remove'] = 'Remove Poll'; $txt['poll_remove_warn'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove this poll from the topic?'; $txt['poll_results_expire'] = 'Results will be shown when voting has closed'; $txt['poll_expires_on'] = 'Voting closes'; $txt['poll_expired_on'] = 'Voting closed'; $txt['poll_change_vote'] = 'Remove Vote'; $txt['poll_return_vote'] = 'Voting options'; $txt['poll_cannot_see'] = 'You cannot see the results of this poll at the moment.'; $txt['quick_mod_approve'] = 'Approve selected'; $txt['quick_mod_remove'] = 'Remove selected'; $txt['quick_mod_lock'] = 'Lock/Unlock selected'; $txt['quick_mod_sticky'] = 'Sticky/Unsticky selected'; $txt['quick_mod_move'] = 'Move selected to'; $txt['quick_mod_merge'] = 'Merge selected'; $txt['quick_mod_markread'] = 'Mark selected read'; $txt['quick_mod_go'] = 'Go!'; $txt['quickmod_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to do this?'; $txt['spell_check'] = 'Spell Check'; $txt['quick_reply'] = 'Quick Reply'; $txt['quick_reply_desc'] = 'With Quick-Reply you can write a post when viewing a topic without loading a new page. You can still use bulletin board code and smileys as you would in a normal post.'; $txt['quick_reply_warning'] = 'Warning: this topic is currently locked! 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Praat gerust over van alles en nog wat op dit board.

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Bezoekers kunnen hier hun wedstrijd verslagen plaatsen.

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Geen nieuw bericht Te koop / Te koop gevraagd

Hier ben je aan het juiste adres als je eindelijk die driewieler of andere spullen wilt verkopen.

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